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Living with a Bad Toothache?

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Resolve Your Pain with a Root Canal

Are you living with tooth pain or a prolonged toothache? Acute or ongoing pain is never a good sign and generally means it’s coming from inside your tooth. And this possible infection or abscess must be treated right away! Without proper treatment, your tooth could become so decayed or damaged that it will need extraction. However, if you schedule root canal treatment, our experienced dentists can potentially save your tooth and eliminate any pain you’re experiencing! Don’t wait to seek treatment if you have a toothache. Our root canals in Scarsdale, NY won’t cause any additional discomfort and are designed to eliminate both the infection and your tooth pain for good.

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Anxiety-Free Root Canals

Our dentists, Drs. Atusa and Ahmad Sedehi, are highly experienced in providing root canals. Gently and skillfully, they can get you back to a pain-free life and save your natural tooth. Contrary to the stigma, root canals are not designed to cause you more discomfort! They are one of our top treatments at our practice, and we use specialized dental tools and materials like the WaveOne system, GuttaCore®, and ProTaper rotary files. These tools help us treat your tooth minimally invasively by thoroughly removing the infected pulp from the canals inside your tooth, sanitizing the chambers, and filling them with gutta-percha. If your tooth structure is badly damaged, we may recommend either a post and core or a core buildup. Post and core involves inserting a small rod into the root canal to stabilize a filling (core) and attach a dental crown. A core buildup restores the missing part of the tooth so we can attach a dental crown.

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Retreatment for Failing Root Canals

Unfortunately, not all root canals will last long-term. If you’ve had previous treatment that is now failing, we can help by providing comfortable root canal retreatment. This can eliminate the possibility of having your tooth extracted. Nearly identical to an initial root canal, retreatment involves removing the crown to clear the new infection from the inside of the tooth, then re-crowning the tooth. If you’ve had tooth pain or other issues after a root canal from another dentist, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We’ll use our experience in root canals in Scarsdale, NY to retreat your tooth and return you to a pain-free and functional life.

Don’t wait to treat your toothache.

We’ll eliminate your pain with comfortable root canals.