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Ensuring Healthy Gums for Life

You may think your gums don’t affect your oral health, but this isn’t true! Gum tissue provides support for teeth and keeps bacteria from entering your body. Gums also help create an attractive and symmetrical smile. If your gums are being threatened by disease or other issues, not treating the problem could put the rest of your mouth (and even your body) in danger. We partner with an experienced periodontist so we can provide the most specialized periodontal services for our patients. Periodontists are the gum experts and are trained to diagnose and treat problems with the soft tissues like gum disease, receding gums, and peri-implantitis. As an expert in periodontics in Scarsdale, NY, our periodontist is uniquely qualified to treat all your gum tissue concerns and help ensure you have healthy gums for life.

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The Stages of Gum Disease

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Healthy gums and tooth

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Advanced Periodontitis

  • What is gingivitis and how to prevent it
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Our Select Periodontal Services

Give a cosmetic boost to your smile. Crown lengthening corrects a “gummy” smile when too much gum tissue makes the teeth appear short. This procedure also reveals a greater portion of a tooth for functional treatment or to attach a dental crown or bridge.

Improve infant nursing or speech and swallowing. A frenectomy eliminates the connective tissue that hinders the movement of the upper lip and tongue. Especially helpful for infants, this treatment can greatly improve the ability to latch and nurse.

Protect natural teeth and improve smile aesthetics. Gum grafting builds up gum tissue back around the tooth roots to restore proper support. This treatment improves smile aesthetics and keeps bacteria out.

Save your dental implant from failing. Peri-implantitis treatment gets rid of inflammation and diseased gum tissue around a dental implant. Like gum disease treatment, this procedure can save natural gums, bone, and your implant.

Set of artificial teeth that can provide improved function and aesthetics of you have a full arch of missing teeth, or are about to lose them. Modern dentures can be custom-fitted to look natural and stay in place with pastes or adhesives.

A procedure that removes infection from the interior of the tooth and restores tooth function. Root canal treatment can save natural teeth and is the minimally invasive alternative to a tooth extraction.

Removing teeth that cannot be saved with more conservative methods like a root canal. Extensive damage, decay, or disease usually means a tooth needs extraction. These teeth can be replaced with life-like and permanent dental implants.

Custom-made mouthguards that keep teeth from grinding and clenching together, usually during sleep. Mouthguards also help the jaw find a more harmonious position and let the facial muscles and joints relax.

Services that help ease anxiety and provide pain control. In addition to local numbing agents, we provide nitrous oxide to help you feel calm and relaxed during treatment.

Enjoy long-term gum health.

Have your gum tissue treated by our expert periodontist.